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 The first thing you should do when planning a holiday in Croatia is to find a suitable accommodation.

Finding and booking an Apartment in Rovinj Croatia is not as hard as you may believe.

Since there are many Apartments Rovinj from where you can choose, some better than others, you will find your dream accommodation


People who enjoy taking their vacations to different destinations usually take the time to read as much as they can about them before they get there.

If you are interested in accommodation in Rovinj and you want to be certain you've made the right choice, hotels should not be the only accommodation you should look at.

A private apartment in Rovinj can be found for a lower price than most hotels, it can offer you a different atmosphere and setting than the standard hotel can and can also offer you more deals.

We urge you to explore all options and don't make the same mistake many others do, visit our site to learn more about Rovinj accommodation.

If you like what you read and see and you know when you wish to travel then you can also make a secure apartment booking directly over our website.  


News and happenings of Rovinj and apartments that would interst our guests.

Here you can read the latest news and happenings of our town and apartments in Rovinj that may be of interest to our guests who enjoy coming to Rovinj Croatia for vacations.