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Apartment A - 2

Murano - Apartment Rovinj, Istria

A - 2
Private apartments Murano offer our vacation seekers a relaxing and comfortable stay so they can enjoy their holiday no matter how long they choose to stay with us in Rovinj.


2017 - price/night


A - 2



23.04. - 17.06.

40 €

17.06. - 15.07.

50 €

15.07. - 26.08.

65 €

26.08. - 09.09.

50 €

09.09. - 01.10.

45 €


MAX. 2+2 persons


Apartments A-1, A-2 and A-3 all use the same entrance and are situated one above the other (ground level, first and second floor). They are of similar size and all have a small terrace facing the west.

From the small hallway, to the left is the living room, the bedroom is right in front and to the right is the bathroom.

Murano - Apartment Rovinj, Istria

A-2 has a door between the hallway and the living room, whereas A-3 does not have a door but a walk-thru.

The couches can be pulled out and used as beds. They are large enough to suit adults. Therefore the apartments can be used by four adults, 2 + 2 more.

The kitchen has enough utensils - plates, glasses etc to cater for four (4) people.

Apartment Mutano Rovinj, Istria

The apartments have a shower block in the bathrooms.

Also one can walk out from the living room onto a small terrace.

Apartment Rovinj, Istria

All the primary features that would help one to have an enjoyable and relaxing stay are here.

All taxes, electricity, water, linen and towels are already included in the price.

Rovinj Apartment - Istria

Sometimes there may be asituation when you will need a change of linen or towels, feel free to ask and I'll give you a fresh set so you can change them. There will be no charge for this service as long as it is not abused.

Also please note: you may not take our towels with you to the beach!

 Apartments Rovinj

Furthermore. On entrance to the bathroom there are switches for your lights and hot water service. Every now and then a guest will accidently switch off the power to the hot water system, whilst this is a standard type of switching system here, do take note otherwise you may be temporarily without hot water.

So if you happen to find you don't have hot water – first check the power switch leading to it.