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Holiday in Rovinj with bicycles

Holiday in Rovinj with bicycles!

A good suggestion would be (if possible) to bring your bicycles with you, you’ll have a great time with them.

Vacationing in Rovinj with a bicycle is a great idea and we recommend it to all our guests and our readers.! Especially if you bring your own bikes.! Rovinj is more beautiful from a bike. 

As for the bicycle rentals, (which have gone up to 7-10 €/day) it may be cheaper to purchase a new one in the shop as it could cost you the same as if you rented one for say a ten day vacation.

Explore the closer vicinity of Rovinj by bike. In the area of Rovinj there are four marked biking trails for recreational bikers.

All tracks are adapted to recreationists and what makes them interesting is the numerous attractive cultural and natural sites you come across while biking.