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Cuvi beach in Rovinj Croatia

Cuvi beach is only 5 – 10 minutes walk from my home.

You walk past 5 houses then down to the beach through a protected ''green belt'' area and forest.

The beautiful rocky cove – Cuvi beach is the closest beach to apartments Murano Rovinj Croatia. It's only a Five to ten minute leasurely walk from my home. 

To tell you honestly, Rovinj ( Istria ) has no sandy beaches, the beaches here are stony or pebbly, however for this very reason it ensures us crystal clear and clean beaches and believe me you’ll like it better than the sand.

At times there are little shallow sandy bays here and there but they’re usually full of children.

Like the others the beach cove Cuvi is also a mix of pebble and stone which assures an extremely clean and clear water.

As with all coves Cuvi too has smaller sandy parts which are normally reserved for children.

One piece of advice is to bring with you (or buy here) a pair of thongs or sandals as the rocks in some places around Rovinj are known to be a little sharp.