Holiday home Murano!

All Apartments A - 1, A - 2, A - 3, B - 1 and E - 1 are equipped with air-conditioning, heating and satellite TV..

Apartment E - 1!

Choose Apartment E - 1 for your vacation.

Large terrace!

A large terrace and barbecue - my guests available

Murano - Large terrace!

Terrace for sitting, reading, internet .....

Preparing breakfast?

My guests here can prepare breakfast!

For Kiwi is too early but not for grapes!

Guests who come in September, can eat the grapes as they want

Grill on the terrace!

Large barbecue on the terrace - our guests are at your disposal.

Entrance to apartments A - 1, A - 2 and A - 3

From the large terrace you enter the apartments "A".

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Pets ...... 6 Euro /night (paid extra on arrival )

In the event you wish to bring your pet dog with you, you may but you must also bring their bed, including blankets.

Spend your vacation in Rovinj Croatia with your dog.

In our home and all our apartments house pets are welcome. This way you can spend your vacation in Rovinj Croatia with you pet.

Just bring your own pet bed.

We do not allow pets to sleep on our beds for health reasons and you will also understand that their hair can be extremely difficult to remove later. (Thank you in advance).

In the event that pet hair is left on our blankets, understand that we need to buy new blankets.

Please ensure that your dog doesn't disturb or annoy other guests and keep in mind that not everyone is a dog lover and that some children may have a fear of dogs.

Be also aware that a barking dog at night, whilst may sound soothing to their owner can keep other guests awake.

Pet beaches.

If you plan to take your dog to the beach, it will be worth checking which are dog friendly beaches, and Cuvi cove is one of them.

In Cuvi cove it is permitted to bathe one's dog but in designated areas.

In designated areas dogs are also allowed to roam off the leash but only under the supervision and responsibility of their owners in the morning hours of 6.00 hours till 9.00 hours and in the evenings between 17.00 hours and 19.00 hours.

Exceptions exist between the dates of 20 September till the 30 April when dogs are allowed to roam off the leash under supervision and responsibility of their owners around the maritime land and water areas between the times of 7.00 till 9.00 and 16.00 till 19.00 hours.